Adventure Photography

About Me

I offer adventure photography with a focus on climbing photography in the heart of the Adirondacks!  

I believe we are our best selves outside in nature, and therefore that is the focus of my photography.

Flexible pricing available for guides and guiding services. Open to participate in events.  With enough advance notice, I’m available to join adventure parties of all sorts including hiking, backcountry, ice climbing, rock climbing, alpine climbing, mountaineering and surfing.  I will shoot special occasions such as engagements.  But only if they involve one of the above mentioned activities.  So if you want to get married on the top of a mountain, lets talk!

I shoot with Nikon, and if necessary bring multiple bodies on a shoot.  My primary lens is a Nikkor 50mm F1.2 prime lens which is the fastest lens available for Nikon and produces super sharp images with intense artistic bokeh effects which keeps the image focused on the action with minimal distraction from the surrounding scenery.  

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